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Why Korean Drama OST best for Dancesport Music


Dancesport tracks are knows to be rhythmical and percussive as possible then why Korean Drama OST best for Dancesport Music?

K-Drama or Korean Drama official soundtracks (OST) are something that we consider as ultimate songs for our remixes. It can make you laugh; cry and sometimes we smile too. Just hearing the first note is enough to make you remember the exact heartbreaks, funny and sad moments. If you’re a fan of K-Drama series then you’ll definitely relate to this. If you haven’t watched any of K-Drama series, you may visit Amazon or few websites and try watching the popular Goblin [Guardian: The Lonely and Great God] 쓸쓸하고 찬란하神 – 도깨비.

Here are just a few of our KDrama remixes which gained overwhelming response from KDrama fanatics and Dancesport enthusiasts.

K-Drama Special: Beautiful Life (Dancesport Music Remix)

This is an open album and will be adding tracks from time to time so make sure to visit us again for new updates. In the meantime, watch how KDrama would look like in competitions.

Did you like the list or do you have song/s you would like to be added on the list? Let us know about it! Add your suggestion or comment/s down below.

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